Friday, November 11, 2011

Catch Up

What? Is it November already? School started and I became engulfed by work, work, work. I hardly got a chance to go to any movies or see any at home. Poor me. I thought about abandoning this List altogether – I mean really what’s the point? But, I guess there must some point because here I go with a few brief thoughts about the movies I saw in the past few months.
The Greatest Movie Ever Sold: This Morgan Spurlock documentary examines the pervasiveness of advertising in our world today. Even though this is a topic that has always interested me, I did think the movie revealed anything that new or interesting.
Everything Must Go: Will Ferrel plays a sad sack kicked out of his house and living in his front yard. There’s a cute kid a beautiful woman (the lovely Rebecca Hall) and a meager plot and yet I liked it, but not wowed.
Barney’s Version: life story of an unlikeable guy (Paul Giamatti) doing unlikeable things, blah.
The Conspirator: I like historical fiction and historical movies. The tale of one woman who was associated with the assassination of Lincoln sounds pretty good, eh? Despite having super cute James McAvoy, this movie too, is kinda blah.
I also watched Dexter season 4 (creepy), Treme, Season 1 (Not the Wire, but good), Lark Rise to Candleford (BBC miniseries, schlocky)