Saturday, November 30, 2013

Catching Fire

Since Winter's Bone (see my blog entry on this movie here) I have been on the Jennifer Lawrence band wagon. I can see why the producers of the Hunger Games chose here for Katniss Everdeen. She has a way of being kick ass and likable at the same time. As in the Hunger Games she stomps through the movie with a righteous fervor sometimes oblivious to what is happening to the people around her. Compared to the books, I thought Catching Fire was better than the book. When reading it I was not happy when she had to reenter the Games. Give me a new plot device Suzanne Collins! It was not quite as irritating to me in Catching Fire (probably because I was prepared) but I actually kind of enjoyed them this time around. I loved the teaming up of the victors, and I enjoyed another female character with moxy, Johanna. I especially liked the electrical ending and the lifting up of our heroine into the clouds. I am excited to see the next one and to see what Jennifer Lawrence is going to do next.