Friday, June 29, 2007

Grizzly Man

Last night I watched the DVD version of Grizzly Man. I wanted to watch it -- mainly because I wanted to be in the know about weird and wackly documentaries (my favorite kind), but yet didn't want to also. I thought it might be too scary. We wouldn't actually see him get mauled by a bear would we? My friend Deb assured me that there would be no mauling and that I should watch it just to appreciate its oddities.
And indeed it was odd. I found Timothy Treadwell, the man who lived unarmed with grizzlys in Alaska for 13 summers, to be really out there and probably disturbed. His repeated use of the word "love" was particularily annoying. He loved those grizzlies, the foxes who lived near him, and even his stuffed bear that he slept with.
All in all, worth seeing if you like to watch movies for the weird factor. And, as many people say when they have nothing else to say about a movie: the scenery is beautiful.

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ellieiscool said...

Sounds like a sleeper, right up there with the ever-so-docutosleepery 'March of the Penguins' alas, lovely scenery.