Monday, February 18, 2008

The Jane Austen Book Club

I know, I know, it seems my blog has been taken over by Jane Austen. Oh well, I think the season will be over soon. The Jane Austen Book Club, based on the book of the same name, is actually better than the book. It's so light and peppy and fun -- I was thrilled. All the female characters are charming and enjoyable to watch and the main lead male, Hugh Dancy is, well, yummy. I thought it would hardly have anything to do with Jane, but I was pleasantly surprised by all the Jane Austen references, and the way the characters showed why Jane is so great. The bit about Ursula Le Guin was funny. I have always been resistant to science fiction and fantasy novels, so people are always telling me that I should read Ursula LeGuin, and so far I have resisted -- I liked how the romantic pair showed how they loved the other by reading each other's favorite books. This is a movie about and for book lovers. How can that be bad?


Holly Huelster said...

that's awsome, my mom and I have been wanting to see this movie! and we trust your opinion.

Holly Huelster said...

My mom and I finally saw this movie a couple of weeks ago and...we both thought it was really cheesy! It was entertaining, but it's not one I would watch again.
I do think that the one character (I think her actress name is Emily Blunt?) the teacher who almost has an affair with a student was really funny though in it. She always cracks me up.
So we disagree with you Mary! :)

Mary's List said...

Jean says the following: "I disagree Holly and Anne Cheesy no, fine performances by all of the actors and the male character, Hugh Dancy, was nerdy enough to ride a bicycle to work with a rubber band around his leg -- not too perfect -- good details.