Monday, May 19, 2008

Hannah Takes the Stairs

Hannah Takes the Stairs is an arty independent film -- a few 20 somethings make a movie in their apartment -- that did well at Sundance. Critics' opinions range from, "Unfocused and indulgent" to praising the director for having "an uncanny talent for making the randomness of downtime feel as alive as it seems generationally true." I just thought it seemed like a whole lot of down time and not much up time. The lead actress playing Hannah is cute and has presence on screen but plays an annoying unfocused serial dater. In my opinion the movie is not worth seeing. But that's why I am there for you, oh loyal reader, to watch these movies so you don't have to.


cindyMN said...

LOL..oh loyal reader here. Never heard of this movie..but thanks for letting me know it's a thumbs down!!
We watched "Dan in real life" this wkend so far. I give it a 5/10. I didn't like Julette binchoe as the romantic interest at all. I thought someone else would have played off of Steve Caroll much better. I was disappointed!

Mary's List said...

Hey loyal reader, did you see my blog entry on Dan in Real Life? I too was disappointed. I Juliette Binoche but didnt think she and Steve Carrol worked.

cindyMN said...

I missed it!! But too funny we both agreed on it!!
I need to go look at my netflix queue and see what we are getting's Lars and the real girl!!! I think you reviewed that too. I'm not going to look, I'll let ya know what I think! LOL