Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Kite Runner

I finally saw The Kite Runner after meaning to see it for a while, but I was reluctant. After reading the book, I knew what gruesome and sad events that awaited me in the movie and never really felt like putting myself through that. (this was another movie that I kept moving down on my queue) I liked but didn’t love the book but found the movie to be a worthy recount of the book. The movie is definitely a tear jerker, esp. when the adopted and damaged boy Sohrab (sp.?) tries to assimilate into life in America. The young actor who plays this boy had such a sad look on his face that it is heartbreaking. The movie does a good job of putting you in another world; the view of Kabul and a city in Pakistan is fascinating and is one reason to see the movie.


cindyMN said...

I finally watched P.S I love you.
I heard alot of mixed reviews on it. Have you seen it yet? I liked it!! I bawled like a baby thru the whole thing..but I liked it!!

Mary's List said...

I haven't seen it. It didn't very good reviews and I am not much of a Hilary Swank fun. But I may have to check it out.

J.Scott said...

Mary, I just watched this movie, too. And then soon after that, we watched Charlie Wilson's War. Have you seen that? It was interesting to watch those two movies close together since CWW is about how the U.S. got involved in Afghanistan and messed the whole thing up. Plus, Philip Seymour Hoffman is hysterical--by far, the best part of that movie and worth watching all on his own.