Sunday, August 17, 2008


I haven't seen many movies lately or TV for that matter -- I have been in the woods etc. So I thought I would diverge from my movie list to create a list of TV series that I know about. I am not inlcuding mini-series or comedies, but may later.

Six Feet Under – despite some self-indulgent characters fascinating from beginning to end
The Wire – some say it’s hard to get into but once you do you become entranced
The Sopranos – Violent in parts but so smart with fascinating characters
Deadwood – I wish it would have lasted and lasted
The Gilmore Girls – I guess it could be diminished by calling it a chick show but I loved it until the end though some thought it got lame at the end

Weeds –some stuff bugs me but pretty darn entertaing
Huff – only two seasons and cancelled but had great potential
WonderFalls- cute, only one season and cancelled
Big Love – regular-old plural marriage family ---wha?
The West Wing—probably all have seen it but if you haven’t
Veronica Mars – some silly storylines but VM is great!
Lost – a blit silly at times but hard to stop watching
Dexter – the first season was appallingly good
Battlestar Galactica – hard to believe I liked this sci-fi series as much as I did but love the tough women in it esp.

SEEN & CAPTIVATING but kinda cheesy
Entourage – First season is good but starts to get too outrageous
Rome—some thought stupid but I got into it
Heroes- pretty good with some great characters from around the world
Californication—I saw one season and don’t really want to see another (not really that captivating)

DIDN'T SEE but heard was good
MI5 – my friends LOVE this series
Mad Men -- 50s ad men
The Riches –Gypsies go normal
Burn Notice – Spy who tries to act normal
In Treatment --Gabriel Byrne as sexy psychiatrist

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markus said...

mary, i have to say that i loves me some gilmore girls.

also if you liked wonderfalls you should check out pushing daisies. its created by the same guy and about to start its second season.

good list