Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Help

I’m back in the big city (actually the smallish city) where I have more moving going opportunities. Today I saw The Help which I have wanted to see after having read the book even though I didn’t think the book was the greatest or anything, but it was a good and fast read. I enjoyed the glimpse into the early 60s of socialites and the beleaguered maids who serve them. The movie, while sentimental and a bit manipulative, was I think better than the book. I think it was better probably because of some good acting especially the maids who play Aibileen and Minny (Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer) and Emma Stone was cute and perky and likable as she was in Crazy Stupid Love, but the highlight for me was the beautifully vicious Hilly played by Bryce Dallas Howard. She was a joy to hate. The movie was too long, as many movies are nowadays, but worth seeing, especially if you read the book.

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