Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Lincoln Lawyer

Matthew McConaughey is a tough, street wise lawyer who is chauffeured about in a Lincoln town car. After a little set up where we get to know his tough guy character, the schmoozing with thugs and charming his ex-wife, played Marissa Tomei, we get to the meat of the movie. It’s a case about a wealthy playboy being accused of brutally beating a woman who he met at a bar that night. Ryan Phillipe is great as the the playboy who is smarmily suspicious. The case is the best part of the movie and worth the price of admission (or worth the trip to library in my case). It’s a likable movie with some cool twists, but probably not one that will stay with me.

Friends with Benefits

I heard this one was good – I heard that it breaks the romantic comedy mold. I heard wrong. I like a good romantic comedy, but this one seemed pretty tired (there were a few bright moments). I’ve liked Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis in other movies, but this movie did not live up to its hype. Strange fact about this movie, it has TWO flash mobs. WEIRD! And they were so forced and awkwardly placed in the movie. And I think the movie may now have killed the flash mob trend. At least I hope so.


N. Huelster said...

"Moonfleet" by Fritz Lang,

This is really a post in. re. to your post on our Parisien movies. According to the Dec. 26/ Jan 2. issue of Newsweek, which has the cool section, "The Perfect Holiday Netflix Queue," the movie Moonfleet is "A darker pirate adventure from Fritz Lang—if A High Wind in Jamaica is a song of innocence, Moonfleet is a song of experience." Not only are there some intriguing old ones listed here, there are others listed by category. You can find it here:

Mary's List said...

Interesting. Some good lists. I can't believe High Wind in Jamaica made a list and Meet me in St. Louis is on two lists. Thanks

Anonymous said...

A tough streetwise lawyer with an ex-wife, who he still loves, ends up representing a rich playboy who is accused of beating up a woman in a bar. Hmm, this doesn’t sound remotely formulaic it any way what so ever. I might have to go and see this one.