Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Win Win: Guest Entry

Friends Beth and Bruce both enjoyed Win Win as did I. Here are their thoughts on the movie:

I loved Paul Giamatti"s character and his wife played by Amy Ryan and the wrestler played by Alex Shaffer (an actual high school wrestler by the way), but I especially loved the friend of the main character played by Bobby Cannavale. I thought the movie was a good mixture of funny, real-life, and a little cheese. Bruce (former wrestler himself) said the wrestling practices were realistic and well done. I’m looking for a teenage wrestler to add to my family. Win Win was entertaining without being too preachy.

I have been thinking about the title of Win Win. Both the wrestler and coach were kind of losers according to their own moral compasses before they met each other and then they influence each other into a win, win situation for both of them by doing what is right in the end.

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