Saturday, March 9, 2013

Mary's Lame List

I’m so lame. My blog was limping at the beginning of the year but then it became bedridden. I shall push on by keeping the following pitiful list:

In the Theater –
Life of Pi – if I could stand to watch it again, I would. It made me want to read the book again too. I like its ponderings about religion and the amazing visuals – I actually saw it in 3-D (first one for me in the modern era)

57 and Up – part of the 7UP series. If you haven’t seen this documentary series, you should. Director Michael Apted has chronicled the lives of 10 or so real English people from different classes, starting when they were age 7 in 1964. This movie makes me think – mainly about what makes a meaningful life.

Silver Linings Playbook-- I thought it was going to be a simple little meandering indie flick, enjoyable but not great. But it turned out to be great, funny, with a cohesive plot that builds to a very satisfying conclusion. I just loved it!

Anna Karenina – beautifully and uniquely made and staged. I didn’t think that another Anna Karenina was needed but this one offered something new.

Argo – fast paced and thrilling. Worthy of best picture? Not sure. But definitely well made.

Lincoln --a dark little film. By dark I mean actually dark, faces half-lit, figures silhouetted against a grey sky. Sometimes it seemed liked you had to strain to see what was happening both strain the eyes and the ears. With that being said, I liked it. I liked imagining what it might have been like to be that political world where you are reminded of our current divided country. Daniel Day Lewis, who plays Lincoln, holds the movie together with his wonderful performance. His Lincoln seems so kind and entertaining and even funny in parts. He seems like an august grandfather who you want to sit at the feet of and soak up some of his wisdom.

DVDS Since the beginning of December. I’ve put the more forgettable ones into a couple of categories but will highlight the deserving standouts.

SELF-INVOLVED INDIE FILMS: (not bad, but they don’t have much to say) 2 Days in New York, Safety not guaranteed, Your Sister’s Sister, Ruby Sparks, Darjeeling Limited

MEDIOCRE ROMANTIC COMEDIES: What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Think Like A Man, Friends with Kids

Game Change: this movie depicts Sarah Palin’s story surrounding the 2008 presidential election. Fascinating and I found it myself more sympathetic towards Palin after I watched it.

Monsieur Lahzar (French subtitles): sad story about a teacher and his students dealing with oppressive grief – a beautiful film.

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