Sunday, August 26, 2007

Out in Theaters

I haven't seen many movies lately due to my new Fall schedule but am still reading about movies and anticipating movies that will be coming out in theaters. Out in theaters now or soon (not where I live, but anyhoo) is Dedication with Mandy Moore, Billy Crudup and Tom Wilkinson. Sounds pretty good but is another movie from the male angst point of view. And i'm also interested in The Hottest State based on a novel by Ethan Hawke though haven't read the reviews yet. Also, Startdust, the fantasy novel that is The Princess Bridesque movie intrigues me especially since it has one of my favorite actresses Claire Danes. Unfortunately The Nanny Diaries is getting tepid reviews so that might be a renter for me. And SuperBad is getting super reviews. Yet another movie about sex-crazed adolescents boys but I'll probably see it anyway. That's all from the movie lap top.

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