Sunday, December 9, 2007


So I saw SuperBad -- can you believe it. I thought I was down on teen boy humor. I guess because I like Knocked Up (but thought it was sexist like Kathryn Heigel) I thought I would like SuperBad. Sure, I got the occasional chuckle but mostly found it crude and had to even fast forward over a few parts because they were painful to watch such as super gross blood on pants scene -- I will say no more.


huelster said...

Yeah this movie was very crude, I completely agree. I cringed at some of the dialouge. But I found the cops to be hilarious.
My dad is obsessed with this movie, weirdly enough. He's shown it to like, all of his friends.

Mary's List said...

My friends Mary and Carrie think this movie is HIlarious -- me, not as much.