Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Duchess

The Duchess has everything I like in a movie: a period piece with great acting and gorgeous landscapes. And yet, I thought it was only so so. I thought Ralph Fiennes' dry cold humor is amusing, Kiera Knightly is lovely and the story of the Duchess Georgiana is fascinating, and yet, the movie didn't wow me. Georgiana, the main character, was known for being an 18th century Hollywood-like star -- everywhere she went people were awed by her wittiness and her magnificent outfits--but Knightly didn't seem to have the fire needed to play this big character. Knightly is definitely fantastically adorned and has many clever lines but she is too understated as this attention-seeking diva. I don't know. I liked it, I guess, but I just wasn't wowed.


blakecgriffin said...

I couldn't agree more with your last sentence. I liked it...I think. There's nothing to really dislike about the movie, but not much for those expecting more than pretty dresses and well delivered lines.

terese ML said...

. I liked the Duchess; Kiera is a little light as the Duchess but looks beautiful in the wonderful clothes and backdrop of the 1780's. I read the book about Georgina the Duchess of Devonshire; the movie takes a lot of liberties but is basically true to the story. In the book her life took on more and more of a frivolus almost depraved life as she got older; excessive gambling and dringing. She died young at ~44.