Friday, November 28, 2008

Sisterhood II

The thing I like about the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants stories is that they are not just a teenie-bopper movies where vapid girls vie for a boy while sniping at eachother. Instead the movies and books are about girls' friendships and girls discovering their talents. Of course, they are also about girls finding the cute boys too. So they are nice stories about likeable girls who, in the end, make smart decisions, and I'm glad the stories are out there for girls today. Now, should the stories be out there for old girls such as myself -- well, despite myself, I really enjoyed the first movie in the series. I like all four of the young actresses who play the lead roles: Amber Tamblyn, Joan of Arcadia, Alexis Bledel,Gilmore Girls, America Ferrera, Ugly Betty, and Blake Lively, Gossip Girl and they seem like genuine friends. The second movie, however, isn't that great of a movie -- it's meandering and shlocky, but it is still pleasant enough.

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