Saturday, January 23, 2010

In the Loop

In the Loop, the sometimes hilarious British political satire, makes politicians out to be ridiculous boobs. Tom Hollander as Simon Foster is hilarious as the foot-in-his-mouth minister to the Prime Minister and his boss, played by Peter Capaldi, swears a blue streak and is mean in a very funny and belittling way. The action moves to Washington where we get a look at some boobs on the other side of the pond. They are all trying to start a war or stop a war or be neutral on the war. You definitely hope that our political system works a lot better in real life.

At times In the Loop is a little bewildering -- the British accents and the political maneuverings move around in circles -- but it is well worth seeing if for nothing else than for some good laughs.


Nick said...

Does it make them out to be ridiculous boobs, or REVEAL them to BE ridiculous boobs?

Mary's List said...

I think both. Don't you love how I used boobs twice in this post?