Monday, July 16, 2007

Not Chick Flicks

So my brother was here this weekend so I moved up to the top of my queue a couple movies he might like: Breach and Blood Diamond. We watched Breach together and both liked it. It's about the FBI agent, Robert Hansen, who committed the worst breach of intelligence in US history. Chris Cooper, who is such an awesome actor, was Robert Hansen, and Ryan Philipe, was the underling who helped out him. It was an action movie without boring car chases and shoot outs. Worth seeing!
Blood Diamond,I saw last night and was riveted eventhough there were a lot of shoot outs and even car chases. It was about the diamond trade in Sierra Leone when the rebels or RUF were trying to overthrow the government with the help boy soldiers. Not going to be able to spell his name, Djmon Hansou? played a father trying to reunite with his family. His son was one of the seriously messed up/ drugged up boy soldiers, and Leanordo DiCaprio played a diamond smuggler with a terrible past that made him a not very nice guy. Does he help the poor father and his family? Does he get the pretty journalist played by Jennifer Connely? Does he turn into a real upstanding guy? This is for you to find out. Well worth seeing and those of the faint of heart can fast foward withEnglish subtitles. (that's what I do when it is getting too scary).


Jeanmarielynch said...

Mary - I'm waiting for the Chick Flick's category. You know how I love that category!My Best Friend's Wedding anyone???? Also, we are going to need to have some family friendly categories. If I have time, I'll have Sanil help pick some of his favorites and send it to you. You've piqued my interest in these blood and gore films - I;ll look into rental! Jean

elissajanine said...

Ahh, the "Not chick flicks" strike again. I recently came home from having both kiddos at my mom's and found that D had rented about six of 'em! I couldn't get myself to watch Blood Diamond, just from the previews/reviews. Too intense to watch alone! My other choices were Shooter, Flyboys, and Children of Men. I think I emailed you about Children of Men. *shudders in a way that is repulsed and yet fascinated*

Mary's List said...

Hey, I found Children of Men to be almost as intense as Blood Diamond. I did a lot of fastfowarding when scary chase scenes occur. But very interesting vision of the future and very bleak! Mary