Thursday, July 5, 2007

Wacky Documentaries

I was listening to humorist Joe Queenan on the radio talking about his dislike of documentaries; he finds them too educational and dry and equates them to health movies he saw when he was in Catholic school: "I would rather have my limbs yanked out of their sockets by enraged rhinos than sit through a documentary. " I protest. Documentaries are fun and weird when they profile the weird and wacky. While I sometimes feel too voyeuristic (akin to watching reality TV) I can get a huge charge out of them.

Here are three of my favorite wacky documentaries:

My Brother's Keeper (yr?)
Capturing the Friedman's (2003)
American Movie (USA 1999)

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J.Scott said...

I'm interested in seeing Crazy Love (is that what it's called?) about that odd relationship where the woman tried to leave the guy and he had acid thrown in her face and blinded her and she ended up staying with him. Now that's crazy.