Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Lives of Others

I just saw the DVD of The Lives of Others, a German film that one a best picture Oscar for 2006. I had had it on my queue for a while but kept moving it down the list. When do you feel like watching a movie with subtitles about the East German Stasi (secret police)? It sounds dour and bland and how can you do a crossword and pay attention at the same time. I finally decided I was up for it and well, not right away, but I became riveted and especially interested in the lead character, Gerd Weisler, played by Ulrich Muehe. This pretty nondescript looking guy who seems steely and calculating at first and, while never changing his demeanor, softens. Plus, the plot is intense and keeps you wondering what will happen next. I saw another movie about East Germany called Goodbye, Lenin which was more of a comedy but gave you an idea about what it must have been like to live during the time before the wall fell -- worth watching by the way. The Lives of Others, however, really made you feel what it was like to lose one privacy and to lose all hope in a future.


Kimberly said...

Hey Mary,

One of my new favorite German actresses is Franka Potente. I was first introduced to her in "Run Lola Run" back in 1999 or 2000. Unique plot, kinda artsy, fun to watch. If you haven't seen this, I HIGHLY recommend that see it. Yes, there are subtitles, so you won't be able to finish that crossword puzzle!

dunnkit said...

Hello again, Miss Mary,

Rob came home with this DVD one Friday night. I forgot you reviewed until after I saw it. LOVED it. Kinda sleepy in the beginning, but whoa. Grabbed our attention as we watched the lead character morph into someone we loved! So, hurray for subtitles and Germany.

anyone hungry for some sauerkraut?!