Sunday, September 16, 2007

Trying it out, Once

I've read several reviews for the movie Once and really hoped I would get a chance to see it in the theaters. A. O. Scott of The New York Times describes it as, "realistic rather than fanciful, and the characters work patiently on the songs rather than bursting spontaneously into them. But its low-key affect and decidedly human scale endow “Once” with an easy, lovable charm that a flashier production could never have achieved. The formula is simple: two people, a few instruments, 88 minutes and not a single false note. " While perusing my local newspaper I was amazed to find Once showing in our neighboring town, an even-less sophisticated one than my own. I planned to see it yesterday but made sure to check on line to be sure it was still showing. I drove over the bridge, ready with microwave popcorn (less calories) and my favorite orange pop. I found the theater and was even 10 minutes early. "One for Once, please," I exclaimed. "Uh, oh yeah, that ain't showin' here no more." What? Well, I guess the paper got it wrong and the one week only showing of Once was only showing once. I drove home, dejected.

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