Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dan in Real Life

Set in Cheese Ball, USA, an idyllic cabin on a lake where loving families play games, put on a talent show, do family aerobics on the lawn, and of course, play a family game of touch football, Dan in Real Life shows the father of 3 girls, two of whom are ultra-snotty teens, who is visiting his parents and happens upon his brother's girlfriend (he doesn't know it at the time) and falls for her. Well, of course, the woman is Juliette Binoche, I mean come on who wouldn't fall for Juliette Binoche. I guess I'm just disappointed that a movie with the charming Steve Carell and one of my favorite actresses, the lovely Binoche, is just so mediocre. There's nothing worse than a movie that has tons of potential but falls flat.

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Holly Huelster said...

I saw this movie as well and found it totally boring! I was sitting in the theater just waiting for something interesting to happen...but nope! It was so boring I don't even remember half of the movie.
I also just thought it was a really odd role for Steve.