Sunday, March 9, 2008

Holly visits and we watch 3 movies

Margot at the Wedding by the same dude who did the Squid and the Whale was not as tight and funny as the Squid and the Whale but included a bitchy lead character to match the father Squid. Nicole Kidman's Margot was deliciously mean and Jack Black was goofy and kinda funny. Holly thought, "This is the weirdest movie I have ever seen."

We also went to the theater to see The Other Boleyn Girl. Holly thought,"The Scarlett role was played too nice and it didn't go coincide with the book and took away from the sisterly tension that was in the book." But overall, Holly liked it. Mary, who had just finished season I of the Showtime Tudors, found it not as compelling as that series about King Henry VIII, but enjoyed the ever cute Natalie Portman in the role as Anne and found her a better Anne than in the series. Both stories are a bit too soap operish, however.

Two Days in Paris was our last movie viewing of the weekend. Two Days in Paris was written, acted, and produced by Julie Delpy and examines the detioration and possible renewal of a two year relationship while visiting Paris. The actor Adam Goldberg played a Woody Allenish neurotic and paranoid lover to the beautiful and oversexed Julie Delpy. The parents, Julie Delpy's real parents by the way, were pretty funny but super odd. Worth seeing? Holly says, "It's mediocre but worth seeing." Mary watches all independent movies especially if they involve Paris so she says Yes, worth seeing.

Side note: all films involved a dead slaughtered and bloody pig. This, however, was merely a coincidence, but odd since Holly just gave up pork a few weeks ago for being grossed out by the thought of eating pigs. These scenes affirmed her decision.


John Lynch said...

Great Blog; I love seeing movies about slaughtered pigs, so i just may rent this one.
As I side-note, I saw Raiders of the lost Arc last night; let me know if you want any summaries of 25 year old films... J.

Mary's List said...

Are you going to see the new Raiders?

John Lynch said...

Yes - I plan to see it (the new Raiders movie) IMHO, Harrison Ford is "the best" when it comes to acting; and he plays a great character in Indiana Jones... I'll report it in with my review of the new movie... but it's rare that I actually get to a movie theatre... actually 1998 rare; so it'll be a while...