Sunday, March 23, 2008


Moliere is about the great French playwright who wrote in the mid 1600s and entertained the royal court with his farces. The movie is comedic and tries to be like the farces that Moliere wrote, lots of silly coincidences and broad characters. The actor who plays Moliere is Romain Duris who is funny and expressive does hilarious impressions (check out one particularly funny one of horses); there is also something kinda sexy about Duris in a waifish guy kinda way. ((My mother thought the man who played the absurd Mr. Jourdain was a better actor.) My seven-year old nephew, who can't even really read the subtitles, thought the movie was funny, "I liked the part where that guy fell off the horse." My mother really enjoyed it a lot and said that when we heard Moliere's farcical comments we all laughed. Also she enjoyed the cinematography, the movie is set in beautiful and grand rooms and includes incredible scenery.

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Holly Huelster said...

I thought this was a funny commentary picturing grandma laughing really hard to the movie. It was cute that Sanil had something to say too. I added more posts to some older movies you posted because I saw them recently.