Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm not there for 27 Dresses

I'm not there -- the Bob Dylan movie is perplexing. Especially if you know a bit about Bob Dylan and keep trying to figure out what bits are really from his life and what bits are distorted additions to his life. After reading the notes included with the DVD extras, I learned that the movie is meant to be like an extended dream. Well, it's not that fun watching a dream where each event seems unconnected. I enjoyed the music; I love Bob's music. I enjoyed watching the well-known actors create versions of the Dylan persona (Cate Blanchett, Heath Ledger, Richard Gere, Christian Bale to name a few). But I lost interest in the movie as it progressed and was ready for it to be done at the end.

On a completely different note I watched 27 Dresses about a beautiful woman (Kathrine Heigle) who is always a bridesmaid. I couldn't get past the beautiful woman who couldn't snag the guy. Good movie potential gone very bad.

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Holly Huelster said...

What do you mean you couldn't get over Katherine Heigel not getting the guy? You wanted her to end up w/Ed Burns?