Wednesday, June 18, 2008

There Will Be Blood

Yikes! There will be a painful, grim movie-watching experience, if you watch There Will Be Blood. Sure, you can't look away; visually the movie compels you to watch. Daniel Day Lewis plays this horrible greedy vindictive oilman who manipulates all of the people around him to meet his own ends. OK, I guess I liked learning about this stark turn-of-the-century world, but watching an irredeemable monster -- not fun! He even treats his "child" who he actually may love with the same meaness. There is also a young preacher who is equally as freaky as the Day-Lewis character. Anyway, if you really want to put yourself through something, watch There Will Be Blood.


liss n kids said...


John Lynch said...

I like Daniel Day Lewis.. Thx for the review.. I liked the Mission; he was in that too wasn't he?

Mary's List said...

Robert De Nero and Jeremy Irons were in the Mission.