Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sunshine Cleaning

Sunshine Cleaning seems like it is going for a Little Miss Sunshine vibe -- quirky regular folk who are striving to better their lives in unexpected ways – but this Sunshine movie isn’t near as charming or fun as that other one. Sunshine Cleaning even has an adorable weird kid and a curmudgeonly Alan Arkin, though he is not quite as caustic as his character in LMS. The movie definitely has great actors, besides Arkin, Amy Adams, Emily Blunt, and Steve Zahn. Adams and Blunt play two sisters who try to make some big cash by cleaning out the homes of someone who just died. It’s pretty gross. Both roles are interesting and well acted and Steve Zahn who I love! Only has a minor and not very interesting role. The movie seems like it should be really good but unfortunately it’s just so-so.


busy91 said...

Oh man, this is on my Netflix list. bummer. Maybe I'll wait for it to come to the library or Cable. Thanks.

Mary's List said...

yeah, I was disappointed -- I hate it when you see a preview for a movie and think it is going to be really good -- it has all the elements -- and somehow it just doesn't hang together.